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Parachinar Incident 31 March 2017 thumbnail
Parachinar Incident 31 March 2017
by Power TV Talk Shows
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Live: Pakistan Election 2018 | Din News Live Stream thumbnail Download video
Parachinar Kurram News thumbnail
Parachinar Kurram News
by The Smart School
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At least 25 dead, 100 injured in twin explosions in Parachinar thumbnail Download video
Protest by bereaved of Parachinar blast victims continues for fourth day thumbnail Download video
ARY News Headlines - 0000 14th July 2018-بڑی کرپشن کےبڑے مجرم قانون کے شکنجے میں thumbnail Download video
ARY News Headlines - 1800 13th July 2018-مجرم نوازشریف کےنواسےاورپوتے کوبدمعاشی مہنگی پڑگئی thumbnail Download video
As Fata merges with KP, Parachinar’s Shias tell Sunnis it is time to come home thumbnail Download video
News @ 6   13th July 2018 thumbnail Download video
24 martyred, 100 injured in Parachinar blast thumbnail Download video
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