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If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place - #T.D. Jakes (Powerful sermon) thumbnail Download video
Find Yourself Again - #T.D. Jakes - One of the best sermons ever! thumbnail Download video
Storms by  td jakes 2017 (Powerful Motivation) thumbnail Download video
TD Jakes 2017 :"When Evil Works For God" - Td jakes live stream - TD Jakes | February 26, 2017 thumbnail Download video
TD JAKES 2017 - #Be STRONG and very COURAGEOUS because God's got your back - Mar 9, 2017 thumbnail Download video
T.D. Jakes 2017 - #Its Time to Change %The best sermon Ever! thumbnail Download video
Never waste Your feelings on people don't value You! - #T.D. Jakes - The best sermon ever! thumbnail Download video
Bishop TD Jakes 2018 -  All Difficulties in Life You Look To God thumbnail Download video
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Powerful Motivational Speech by TD Jakes 2017 thumbnail Download video
Bishop TD Jakes 2018 - God Has Made a Way for You thumbnail Download video
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